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Legacy Land & Marine Development

Headquartered in Boston, MA, specializes in both land and marine construction and development with over 70 years of project level experience including; pile driving, foundation and excavation support, Pier and Bulkhead Construction, Marina and Wharf Construction and the design and installation of Floating Docks and Fender Systems.

Our Philosophy

The company’s strategic intent is to deliver their clients an experienced team, a high quality work product with a high level of customer interaction. Legacy Land and Marine Development is a wholly owned Operating Subsidiary of Revel Development Group, LLC based out of New York City.

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We wanted a company that knew our business and could build it to last, get it done on time, and stay with their quote. Legacy LMD  delivered.

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Ed Reed
I want to personally thank everybody at Legacy for all their hard work and cooperation. Their professionalism and consideration made every step of the way a pleasurable experience. Thank you.

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Robert MastersonMasterson Development
Legacy was great to work with. They were equipped to handle all my project specifications, from the grand scale to the minor details. Legacy is a company run by true ...

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Johnathan James IIIShore City Commercial
I called Legacy a few months ago hoping that they would be able help me. Multiple other companies in the area informed me that what I needed done was not ...

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Liam O'ConnorNorthern Bay Construction